Class and team.

Our company has been dealing with the topic of experience orientated school events since 1999.

Since then, the ideal environment in Altenmarkt has served us as an ideal field for activity.

Choose from our activities or we can also create an individual, multi day program.


Our offers in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Schools Youthgroups/Scouts  
5. - 9. Level until 15 years 16,-
10 - 13. Level 16 - 18 years 18,-

Dauer: ca. 2-3 Stunden
Anzahl: ab 15 Personen
Zeitraum: Mai bis Oktober


The summer toboggan of the special kind.
The Bockerl are the ideal motivation to move in nature. With the light flickers (only 2.8 kg) we hike with anticipation on the descent up the mountain. After a little refreshment and instruction in the driving technique we jet on gravel roads, meadow slopes or asphalt down into the valley.

Schools Youthgroups Price
to 9. level until 16 years 26,-
10. - 12. level 17 - 18 years 28,-

Duration: aprx. 3 Hours
Amount: from 15 People
Period: Mai till October

raft Building

The whole group builds a raft together from materials provided. Everyone has to do their part, otherwise nothing works. Does the raft hold out to the other side of the lake? Only together you are strong, whether on water or on land!

Schools Youthgroups Price
to 9. Level until 16 years 26,-
10. - 12. Level 17 - 18 years 28,-

Duration: 3 hours
Amount: from 15 People
Period: Mai till October


Our systems are TÜV tested and all materials are regularly inspected. For high ropes parks, we have been working for years with a safety system that will prevent a complete unhinging. Through our trained and qualified trainers we offer a perfect organization with the best quality. Our company is liability insured and has all the necessary permits.

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