High ropes course

The High Ropes Park Saalbach Hinterglemm consists of 3 introduction courses and 9 climbing courses.

Each course provides different levels of difficulty and length, with the longest (course number 6) being over 1.5km in length.

Within the courses, different length zip lines provide variety and fun.

Due to the length of the courses, it is recommended that a minimum of 3 hours should be planned. If you would like to complete all courses within the park, then is it advised to plan this over 2 days.

Just bring some general fitness and sturdy footwear (no flip flops, sandals, etc!). If necessary shoes can be borrowed from the park. The climbing equipment (helmet and harness) will be provided by us.

After an introduction from our certified trainers (approximately 20-30 minutes long) and a completion of our introduction course, the participants can then independently explore the various courses according to their desires. Children under the age of 14 needed to be accompanied by parents/ guardians/ siblings (16 years or older).

Our security system ensures continuous safety from the start, all the way through the course to the end.

The procedure of visits from guests are:

  • After completing a registration form which agrees to our conditions of participant (under 16 years, this needs to be filled out by an adult), equipment will be provided.
  • Once the equipment is on, there will be a quick control check by a trainer.
  • Introduction, followed by practice on the introduction course.
  • Once all this has been completed, participants can independently go on any course.
  • Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult (ratio of 1 adult: 3 children). Exception to school and youth groups.